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Speeding up my Front End work flow with Yeoman

By Renzo Salvador

on Tue Jul 28 2015

I have recently made a great discovery: I met Yeoman.
As some of you may know some of the most brilliant minds in Google got together to develop this amazing tool I must admit my workflow won’t be the same after working with Yeoman.

Yeoman is form by two other amazing tools that I have tried before separately.: GruntJS and Bower.

GruntJS helps Yeoman running crucial tasks not only regarding compiling files like SASS but also concatenating or even with liveReload (which reloads the browser for a faster workflow!)

Bower is the package manager, either if we need jQuery, bootstrap or other plugins, there it is to hel[p.

Yeoman works with “generators” which are pre-build environments to kick start a project and it has a good amount of hundreds in the cloud by now. Regarding Front End development, I recommend using generator-webapp. Fairly easy to install and with amazing pre-build features.

Some benefits that I have found so far:

  • Ready to go! Front End Environment for Web applications
  • SASS (CSS with super powers)
  • LiveReload – Reloads “automagically” your broswer.
  • It alsohas an amazing utility which “listens” on your mouse or trackpad movements and follows us wherever we go. Ideal for Responsive web design, testing simultaneously in tablets and mobile devices.
  • Grunt Build. When you are ready Grunt will help to “package” everything to go to the server.
  • It also has a test environment (I haven;t tried it much to be honest).

All that build on top of the “Big Guy”: NodeJS. It is seriously worth to give a go… are you still there? Come on!

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