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Small Business Website – Do Small Businesses Really Need This?

By Renzo Salvador

on Tue Apr 10 2018

As against popular advice, a business website is not always what every company needs. Some business owners do not need websites because their businesses are at levels where growth is not welcomed.

Some businesses are not interested in expanding, and some business owners do not feel they have what it takes to handle more profit. In simple words, if you are not interested in expanding your business, a good quality website is not for you. You can decide to ignore the popular advice.

However, if you are searching for innovative and success-assured ways to improve your business, a website is not a choice for you, it is more of a necessity. Keep in mind that not just any website is needed, rather, a quality one is. Having a bad websiteis no better than having none.

Interestingly, 71% of small-scale businesses have websites, 79% of these small businesses have mobile-friendlywebsites, and 91% of business owners without websites say they will invest in one before 2018 rolls to an end. – A survey by

If you are sitting on the fence and are majorly undecided as to whether a website is right for you, these five reasons may help you decide.

A Quality Website Is Vital to Small Businesses – 5 Reasons!

Increase in customers revealed that the internet is used by more than 3 billion people. Having an internet address means that your business is open for viewing to these people. This also means that people who are curious about your services can satisfy this curiosity from the comfort of their homes.

The internet is such a small village that people stumble upon sites they did not plan to. So, apart from people with the pre-planned aim to visit your website, there is a nice bonus of the probability of people stumbling upon your site as well! You now have the choice to cut down partially or fully on the amount you spend on brochures. The internet does that job easier and faster.

Business value and reputation

These days, businesses of high standards will not partner with businesses they feel have no prospects or future. One of the first questions you will be asked as a business owner is about your website address. Having a website is also an added advantage to increase your chance of securing a business loan – reputation! Look at it this way: a website is an investment. Any businessowner who makes such an investment must be pretty serious about their business. That is the mindset to acquire prospective clients and partners.

Nonstop service

The great thing about having a quality website is that it has endless possibilities that spice up businessfunctionalities. With a website, you can have an auto-reply bot that replies customers’ inquiries, complaints, and whatnots. This is a great way to get feedback from your customers as well! All these can happen while you are not even online. Customers are able to place orders and are able to leave reviews of your products and services thereby encouraging others to patronize you.

Marketing at its best

The internet remains the best way to market. Perhaps you have heard of digital marketing? Digital [online] marketing includes affiliate marketing, PPCadvertisements, just to mention a few – all done via the internet at low cost. These are methods through which you can publicize your business through your website. With the help of links, you can inform people about and direct people to your website.

Introduction of new ideas

You are most likely not the only person with a businesswebsite that offers the services you do. This means that there are ideas which they have that you do not. With a friendly-visit to other people’s websites, you can gain ideas that can help your business grow. You will also be helping people who want to use your ideas to grow their businesses.

The great thing is that this alone can open doors to other income for you. Not only will you have a means of communicating your views and ideas, you will also be making money from it.

The advantages of having a website spread far beyond these five. However, these alone are reasons you should get your business a website now. There are a whole lot of opportunities available for small businesses. Quite a number of opportunities exist for small businesses. And with a website, you can get them quite easily.

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