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My Favorite SEO Tools List

By Renzo Salvador

on Thu Nov 10 2016

As we all may know, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the investment with safer and more profitable ROI (return on investment) within a good Online Marketing Strategy.

That’s why now we want to share 10 of our favourite SEO tools that you can use for FREE!

List of SEO Free Tools

1. SEOquake

This Chrome extension is a tool that allows us to make an OnPage analysis of both a web page and the results in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) which is the results page that offers us google when we make a query. It gives very useful internal information such as: Meta Descriptions, Titles, Density of keywords and external links. It connects to Google, Alexa, Bing and SEMrush databases, which makes this data quite reliable.

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2. First Site Guide

A relatively new tool which offers an internal analysis of a Web site as a Diagnostic. Apart from the information that SEOquake gives us, it offers us additional information such as the Main Domain Authority and the internal page that we analyze, as well as information about the server, technologies used by the web, and an estimate of the traffic. Although the data is not 100% accurate, it is worth taking as a reference the results to Optimize our Website or WordPress for SEO.

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3. Google Search Console

A free and essential SEO tool for the ranking a Website. It is necessary to link the Website to a Google Search Console via a Gmail account and confirm ownership of the site. It will give us a lot of information and advice for optimizing our website through a constant monitorisation, detecting errors such as: Pages 404 (not found), Usability problems in Mobile and Desktop, Keywords for which we are positioning. We can also send the Sitemap of our Web so Google can “understand” our page better and we can also delete URLs which we are not interested in showing on the SERP, among other features.

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4. Ubersuggest

An ideal SEO tool for the generation of content since it offers us a list of related keywords based on a “seed” keyword we query for. It’s great for generating ideas for blog articles.

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5. Keywords Everywhere

One of our favourite SEO tools, since it gives us the number of estimated searches per month of a keyword. It works as a Chrome Plugin; The data gets “inserted” into the search results of Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Ubersuggest, among others platforms. With its help, we would be able to know if including certain words in our content could have a greater or lesser impact on search engines, it is like applying  “reverse engineering SEO”.

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6. Copyscape

This SEO tool deals with duplicated content (a really bad SEO signal). If we usually hire editors for our articles, this tool will help us not to be tricked, as it is responsible for telling us if the content offered is duplicated elsewhere. We can also audit our own content, and make sure there are no clones somewhere.

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7. Google Trends

A well-known Google SEO tool that gives us information search trends of a certain keyword. We can break it down by Country and even by City in a time range going back to January 2004. Ideal for analyzing trends in seasonal businesses.

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8. Screaming Frog

Another of our favourite SEO tools. It offers us an exhaustive OnPage analysis of a Website, it gives us an extensive report of our Web analyzing of each URL: title, meta description, goals, headers (h1-h6), internal and external links. It is quite accurate and ideal to get a report on the architecture of a Website. We can analyze up to 500 URLs with its free version.

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9. Google Speed Insights

The speed of a Website is one of the 200 factors of SEO that we must take into account when ranking a Website. This tool will give us a speed report in Desktop and Mobile so that we can optimize our web according to the recommendations, usually, it throws errors about optimisation of images, server reand/orand / or Javascript – HTML not compressed correctly.

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10. Structured Data Testing Tool

This SEO tool checks a website and offers a diagnosis of how well we are using Rich Snippets or Rich Snippets that Google recommends using in Web pages to “enrich” their results. More information on this topic in this link.

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