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Speeding up my Front End work flow with Yeoman

By Renzo Salvador on Tue Jul 28 2015

I have recently made a great discovery: I met Yeoman. As some of you may know some of the most brilliant minds in Google got together to develop this amazing tool I must admit my workflow won’t be the same after working with Yeoman. Yeoman is form by two other amazing tools that I have tried […]

Simple Sharing Buttons

By Renzo Salvador on Sun May 31 2015

I just came across this interesting, simple and straight forward tool that allow us to add those social media icons to share our content across the Web. Simple Sharing Buttons is a nice and quick tool to add beautiful, minimalistic and flat sharing icons in a easy way (without any registration). I am proudly using […]

Codrops, the latest Web Design Techniques

By Renzo Salvador on Fri Apr 17 2015

Codrops is definitely one of my favorites places online, where I often have a look when it comes to grab inspiration of the most trendy Web Design techniques. It is a huge source of articles and tutorials thatI really enjoy reading, however one of my favorites features is the Blueprint section which give us a great collection of website grids, […]

Beautiful Websites Quicker with Semantic UI

By Renzo Salvador on Thu Apr 16 2015

Just a quick introduction of Semantic UI. Semantic UI is a well-crafted front-end framework with professional features and a robust API. I came across this framework and I can’t wait to try it, at first sight it looks very flexible and well document Web Design Tool, also It looks like you can do very good looking stuff […]

OverAPI, All Cheat Sheets

By Renzo Salvador on Tue Apr 14 2015

It is one of my favorite Front End Development tools. OverAPI helps you to have all your cheat sheets in one place. So you don’t struggle trying to find that sintaxis that gets your project  on hold. It covers a big amount of languages and I use it primarily for my: php, jQuery, javascript, css or  html projects. […]

R4E WordPress Custom Theme

By Renzo Salvador on Thu Apr 02 2015

Some days ago I released a new WordPress Custom Theme. The following are some the Coding Techniques which I used to a achieve that project. WordPress Codex It is must in Custom Theme Development. It gives you the knowledge of how WordPress core functions work, It covers the technical aspects of writing code to build our own Themes rather than how to […]

What are Style Tiles?

By Renzo Salvador on Mon Mar 30 2015

Most of the times, entire layout design doesn’t allow us to handle responsiveness on Web Design… That is when Web Style Tiles comes into play. Web Style Tiles are a way of designing each of the components of the website without getting locked into the  specifics of layout functionality. This is a great article written by […]

Looking for some UI inspiration?

By Renzo Salvador on Sun Mar 15 2015

UI Parade is great place to get some User Design inspiration for Website apps projects. A very nice and good categorized collection of UI Elements thatcan fit in almost any website or application project. UI Parade is not only a UI Elements Gallery, but also have what they call “Live Tools” a built-in Web application that […]

Enjoying Typewonder

By Renzo Salvador on Sun Mar 15 2015

I came across this nice tool that helps us to have a look at the fonts we might want to use on our we design projects giving us even more extended options that Google fonts itself. And even more… It lets us test how any font looks on our website, in real time using the […]

WordPress Function Snippets

By Renzo Salvador on Wed Feb 25 2015

I use this tool pretty much in every WordPress Project I work in.  Only WordPress Developers know the importance on the function.php files and how it can be time consuming to find out the right functions we need. WPFunctionMe allow us to grab them like a snippet  and apply it directly to our code, easy and straightfoward. WPFunction.Me lets you […]