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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Small Business SEO

By Renzo Salvador

on Sun Aug 16 2020

Running a small business becomes difficult due to factors such as lack of funds, marketing challenges or uncertainties in the market. As an owner of a small business, you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your marketing efforts. SEO is a crucial aspect of web design since it helps drive traffic to a website based on keywords you use. Explained below are the ten ways you can use SEO to get loyalty of local customers.

1. Hosting Local Events

Local events help small businesses like yours build a large customer base. When your business hosts an event locally, press releases will list its name and contact information. With your contact information availed to the public, you are likely to get more customers.

2. Promote Your Social Media Profiles

Nowadays, content from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter appear in the search results. You should have several social media profiles for your smallbusiness to increase your visibility on the search engines. Don’t forget to post regularly and promote your posts for them to reach a larger audience.

3. Have a Blog for Posting Local Content

Besides owning a websitefor your business, you should have a blog for the business. Use the blog to post articles, pictures or videos about things happening in your locality. The blog can be on one of the pages of your website.

4. Improve the Structure of Your Website

Good web design helps to increase the product impressions a website gets. Structure the URL of your website in a way that it mentions your location, business category and products or services that you sell. The onsite content also needs to have this information.

5. Use a Clever Keyword Strategy

Since Google’ssearchenginealgorithms frequently change, you need a clever keyword strategy to keep your site on the top search results. Avoid spammy link-building and keyword stuffing practices. Your onsite content should have a specific number of keywords for search engines to index your site effectively.

6. Focus on Search Engine Marketing

Through search engine marketing (SEM), you can monitor how people click your search results. Note that Google usually lowers the page ranks of links that don’t receive any clicks. Try combining different meta descriptions to see if they can attract more clicks.

7. Maintain an Active Online Presence

Consumers like using the phrase ‘near me‘ (i.e ‘SEO near me‘) when searching for services or products online. The consumers also prefer businesses that are active most of the time. Try to keep your online presence active to attend to such consumers.

8. Focus on Local Inbound Links

You should reach out to local bloggers or media outlets and ask them to include links to your website and social media profiles on their posts. The local inbound links can help drive traffic to your site. Your products or services may also get more impressions.

9. Share Your Web Address… Always

When publishing your onsite content, always remember to mention the address of your business. Don’t paste the address all over your site. Your business listings online should also be consistent and accurate.

10. Have an Open Mind

Limiting yourself to traditional SEOstrategies won’t improve your page rankings. Always be on the lookout for the latest SEO strategies that large businesses are using. Develop a curiosity for learning more about improving your page rankings, website traffic and product impressions.

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