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10 Elements Of A Successful Website Homepage

By Renzo Salvador

on Mon Nov 16 2020

The homepage is the heart of any website. When carrying out any SEO strategy, it’s always best to start with the homepage. Being the front door of your site, you need to make sure that it creates a good impression on the reader. Always remember that you have got less than 20 seconds to grab the attention of your visitors when they open your site. You should, therefore, make the most out of those few seconds. Here are the ten must-have elements that a successful website homepage should have.

1. The Headline

Your headline should be catchy, creative and should tell your visitors all they need to know about your website. Avoid fluff, make sure that it’s also clear, simple and straight to the point.

2. The Sub-Headlines

Sub-headlines should provide descriptions of what you are offering. They should be self-explanatory because most people often don’t have the time to read the entire post. The sub-headlines should be designed in a way that will entice the reader to continue reading.

3. Intuitive Navigation

If you don’t want to lose your visitors, give your clients a clear path to your website from the homepage. Ensure that your navigation is simple, enabling them to find what they are looking for easily.

4. Your Contact Information

In most cases, nearly half of your website visitors want your contact information. If this information isn’t available, then they are most likely to leave. It’s advisable to place your contacts at the bottom or even at the top.

5. Website Design and Layout

Your homepage needs to be appealing to your audience. Remember, your homepage speaks a lot about what you are offering. Make sure the homepage is divided into several clear sections and don’t forget that quality web design is key to build trust.

6. Visual Content

Don’t just focus on text-related content. Don’t forget that a picture speaks a thousand words. Make sure the images and videos are clear and audible so that your audience understands your information easily.

7. Call To Action

In the case that a visitor likes what is on your homepage, there should be Call To Action widgets to help your visitors pick the right action. Examples of Call To Actions include; Sign Up, Follow Us, Book Now amongst others.

8. Reviews, Success Stories, and Awards

There is nothing that is as effective in winning the trust of your clients other than providing them with reviews, success stories and awards. It proves that you are a trustworthy company/business/organization.

9. Benefits

Even if your clients know the benefits of that product or service, you are selling. You need to help them understand that they are making the right decision. You can also provide resources that provide more information regarding what you are offering.

10. Social Media Presence

In case your visitor wants to contact or share his/her views with you on social media, then you should make this possible. Ensure that your homepage has social media widgets and place them strategically.

The above elements are a must-have to ensure the success of your website. Make sure that your web design is appealing to your visitors. Also, ensure that your site is also optimized for mobile. Not only will this make your website visitors browsing experience fantastic. It’s an excellent SEO strategy.

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