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10 Elements Of A Successful Website Homepage

By Renzo Salvador on Mon Nov 16 2020

The homepage is the heart of any website. When carrying out any SEO strategy, it’s always best to start with the homepage. Being the front door of your site, you need to make sure that it creates a good impression on the reader. Always remember that you have got less than 20 seconds to grab […]

10 Ways You Can Improve Your Small Business SEO

By Renzo Salvador on Sun Aug 16 2020

Running a small business becomes difficult due to factors such as lack of funds, marketing challenges or uncertainties in the market. As an owner of a small business, you can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your marketing efforts. SEO is a crucial aspect of web design since it helps drive traffic to a […]

Small Business Website – Do Small Businesses Really Need This?

By Renzo Salvador on Tue Apr 10 2018

As against popular advice, a business website is not always what every company needs. Some business owners do not need websites because their businesses are at levels where growth is not welcomed. Some businesses are not interested in expanding, and some business owners do not feel they have what it takes to handle more profit. […]

7 Proven Elements That Make a Local Business Website

By Renzo Salvador on Sat Apr 07 2018

Every business set off with an idea, a thought, and an action to make an effective utilization of a business idea. To mount a hill, strength is needed as well as a website needs visitors and visitors also require websites to access their needs. Effective and efficient local business website is a core strength that makes […]

5 Key Benefits of SEO for your Business

By Renzo Salvador on Fri Jan 05 2018

Today it is difficult to find business owners that are not aware of the effectiveness of the  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It has become as the most widely used in the Online Marketing Strategy in the latest years. SEO is the most effective and sustainable way of doing Internet Marketing for Small Business. Of course, there […]

5 Local SEO Tips to Boost Your Ranking Today

By Renzo Salvador on Mon Sep 18 2017

What is Local SEO, anyway? Assuming you have a Local Business Website, local SEO is getting your Website ranking in Google in the first position when a user searches for your services. In other words making sure your website shows up when user types “YOUR SERVICE” + “YOUR TOWN OR CITY”, for example, “Web Design […]

My Favorite SEO Tools List

By Renzo Salvador on Thu Nov 10 2016

As we all may know, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the investment with safer and more profitable ROI (return on investment) within a good Online Marketing Strategy. That’s why now we want to share 10 of our favourite SEO tools that you can use for FREE! List of SEO Free Tools 1. SEOquake This Chrome extension is a […]

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

By Renzo Salvador on Sun Jul 10 2016

As Web Designers/Developers we MUST to be aware about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google takes in consideration around 200 factors in order to rank a website. One of them is the speed of the website and it seems Google takes this factor . That is the main reason why from some months ago we have available the  Accelerated Mobile […]

Color Hunt: Inspirational Color Palettes

By Renzo Salvador on Wed May 18 2016

Color Hunt is a place to discover and share beautiful colour palettes. Color Hunt is a place created by Gal Shir. A place to find colour palette inspiration. You can browse by Hot, new or popular. What got my attention is a nice and minimalistic tool to create a palette ‘on the fly’. Colohunt is […]

Wait! Animate CSS Animation Resource

By Renzo Salvador on Fri May 13 2016

Wait! Animate is a pretty interesting css resource brought by the guys at EggBox. With Wait! Animate we can easily give some animation to our elements in our front end development projects. The animation are base in the css transform property and css keyframes rules and it is fully customizable with their intuitive use tool. I […]